The centers were invited numerous times to visit our company HQ in Bucharest. We made their visits more than comfortable and they enjoyed our HQ and always return with joy.

In order to establish a greater bond between us and the children and in the same time give them the vision of what they can achieve, the children visit our company on a regular basis and are being involved in activities that can further open new doors in their development. Given the good progress and considering the needs of these children we expanded the project further, by starting similar Math and English teaching programs in these centers. The continuous progress and good results are just an incentive for further expansion both to new centers and new activities.

First Lego League

Our kids.acadEMy robotics team :) , participated in the first edition of the First Lego League: winning the Best TeamWork award. We are keen on improving and we intend on going further: participating in an International First Lego League Championship.


Usually around every visit, there would be a contest involving the children, testing their knowledge and abilities in various areas. As a result tbe children involved, that showed most progress, won various prizes ranging from pens and notebooks to tablets. The prizes were selected so that they would help the children learn even further. So far we held contests that tested the children abilities and skills in Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint,Lego Mindstorms, Adobe Photoshop and HTML/CSS languages among others.

Everything is Possible.